A consolation team for you to pin your hopes & dreams on

A few of my colleagues who know that my heart aches for the Saints have consoled me with “Thank God for Kansas, huh?”

And they’re right.  And if you’d like a distraction from the sad demise of the Black & Gold, I invite you to adopt the Kansas Jayhawks as your team to root for.  It’s college, so they’re a lot slower, but they have something for everyone.  They’re high-scoring, and they’re overachievers who were unranked until after their 5th win of the season.  And, historically, they’ve almost always sucked.  Still, there’s a nice bit of legacy there, with Gale Sayers and John Riggins coming from their ranks.  Plenty of room on the bandwagon.  And if they beat Missouri this Saturday (no easy feat) and win the Big XII championship against Oklahoma or Texas (not easy either), they’ll play (probably against LSU) for the national title right here in New Orleans!

To orient you, here’s the football website for you to peruse.  Get acquainted with the lineup, which includes an undersized but electric QB in Todd Reesing, a nice big runner in Brandon McAnderson, an outstanding LB in Joe Mortensen, and a CB who will make Saints fans drool in Aqib Talib.

Our coach is the great Mark Mangino.  I do mean great.  But he’s personable and smart and principled, and I hope he can take a joke.

KU football started in 1890, when Baker and the Kansas City YMCA were the only opponents on the slate (ended the season 1-2).  Started playing other midwestern schools after that, and I was wondering how the hell they made those trips.  Must have been by train, but getting them all to the field without cars must have been a challenge.  I encourage you to go here and browse, and check out the picture links toward the bottom of the page.

We appreciate your support, but if you’re all SEC all the time, you’ll enjoy this tidbit about ‘Bama’s loss this past weekend.

Rock Chalk!


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