Election Day (how exciting)

Well, this was a pretty uninspired votecasting today, but it’s worth it just to see the sweet people who spell my name slowly.  “Well, you’re a tall young man!” I got today.  Guess I am.

So, here’s how it went:

Cheryl Gray–easy choice for me.  I like her and don’t like Jalila, so there you go.  It was downhill from there.

I’m taking people’s word that Laurie White would be good, but I don’t know much about that race.

I went with Walker Hines over Una.  Tough call, but I figure what the hell, give the kid a chance.  Even if Una’s husband left a personal voice mail at our house, using our real names, so I assume it was real.  Beats the hell out of the loud auto-messages that start before the machine picks up.  I also cracked up at the bushleague flyer Hines sent around with a picture of himself writing some important piece of legislation or whatever.  It was funny because he’s concentrating like a 3rd grader learning cursive and has one of those bic ballpoints.  Not too stately, but at least I haven’t heard he’s corrupt.  Guess you don’t need to take bribes if you live with the folks.

Then I threw that logic (and the advice of bloggers) out the window and cast for Cynthia Willard-Lewis.  I just think you need more than one Cynthia with a hyphenated last name in the council.  Actually, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for whitey in that slot.  I’m not totally at peace with my logic there, but I’ve talked to too many black residents who’re worried about further disenfranchisement.  I’ll only take that so far (as in, I didn’t vote for Nagin), but since I didn’t like either choice, it swayed me here.

Now I’m trying to get some writing done on the book before the KU-Iowa State game starts.  Never thought I’d see the day when I could watch a KU football game on tv here for 5 weeks straight.  My how things change.

Tomorrow it’s the Poboy Preservation Festival for a while.  Love the idea, and it’s right around the corner from me, so I can’t miss it.  Dammit, we just don’t have enough festivals around here!


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