Just sittin here watchin the wheels go round (KDV preview)

Really, I’m watching Oregon in deep danger against Arizona.  Don’t really care about either team, but an Oregon loss and a KU win this Sat against Iowa State would put KU at #2, which is simply surreal.  KU is a b-ball school, and I’m guilty of only passing interest in football, although I’ve been to a million games at Memorial Stadium.  I’ve been there for a few 72-3 type losses (sometimes a blurry vision from the hill looking down on the stadium), so seeing the ‘Hawks become good is a real blast.  I already have tix ready for the Sugar Bowl, but they’ll be more reliable if it’s not a game against LSU!

It’s pretty fun to watch Ryan Leaf’s little brother suck, even if he is hurt.

Tonight was the Psyc Club’s and Psi Chi’s career forum, and I was very proud of the job our students did putting it together.  Not a great turnout, but a nice presentation by everyone.

Now we know that the Never Brothers are returning to JazzFest.  I’ll skip it, not to be Mr. Negative, but because I truly resent citybashers.  I don’t sweat people who have to leave, but I have no tolerance for those who have to justify their decision by talking as though they’d be stupid to stay.  The truth is, this is a tough town, but it’s also the best town, and leavers need to leave quietly.  As a psychologist, I’m pretty sensitive to people’s need to rally others around their decision to bail, no matter how justified their own decision might be.

More later…  Just babbleblogging.


6 Responses to Babbleblogging

  1. Maitri says:

    Are you in Mishigas?

  2. hammhawk says:

    No, Spermes, but I expect a lot of Beatles refs this year! (yeah, I realize that’s a solo lyric, but I’m excited about what everyone comes up with)

  3. Maitri says:

    Oh yeah, you guys are doing covers from that infamous album.

  4. Maitri says:

    P.S. I was there when they came up with the shit-ass mother krewe theme. Sorry, it just sucks, and as another krewe captain said, it’s a subkrewe theme, not one for the overall shebang.

  5. Adrastos says:

    Uh oh, Spermes. I’m in the semi-highbrow krewe of PAN: proudly penis free; uh floatwise that is.

  6. hammhawk says:

    Yeah, I think the overall theme is a little dated. We were throwing that phrase around a year and a half ago. But I think we’ll have some fun with it. A couple years ago for Quest for Immorality we did a tribute to Southern Cliterature, and that gave us a chance to play on a bunch of titles like Ass Menagerie and As I Die Laying, so I think we’re doing something like that here, as long as we don’t do the same as someone else.

    Adrastos, I don’t even know how to build a float without a penis… (on the float, I mean)

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