Quit doing this to us, sportswriters!!!

Check out what Don Banks is predicting:

NFC South: New Orleans — After that 0-4 start that shook them to their foundation, the Saints have stared into the abyss and survived. New Orleans and Tampa Bay should fight it out for the division lead until the very end, but the key game will be the Week 13 showdown against the Bucs at the Superdome. Tampa Bay is the only remaining Saints opponent with a current wining record, and beating the Bucs should put New Orleans in control of its own fate.


NFC Playoff seeds: 1. Dallas, 2. Green Bay, 3. New Orleans, 4. Seattle, 5. Tampa Bay, 6. Detroit.

Wild-card round: New Orleans defeats Detroit, Tampa Bay defeats Seattle.

Divisional round: Dallas defeats Tampa Bay, New Orleans defeats Green Bay.

NFC Championship: New Orleans defeats Dallas.


Super Bowl XLII: New England defeats New Orleans.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’d be absolutely thrilled to see us get a round further than we did last year, but sheesh, whatever happened to first impressions?  Aren’t we still supposed to be written off?

Think how Buddy D would feel if we finally made it to the big one, only to be knocked off by the cheaters!


One Response to Quit doing this to us, sportswriters!!!

  1. drivebyblogger says:

    Huh? You really think an NFC South team will make it in as a wild card? My sources tell me that they may replace the NFC South Champ with an AFC extra Wild Card team.

    OK OK, I just thought maybe this post was from Nov. 06 but I see Detroit listed. Dude, I want to smoke some of what dat you smoking.

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