Reminder Weekend

This weekend was one of those beauts that reminds us why we love it here.  The weather was perfect, so there was that, but then, what to do?

Well, E&I got up early to get a little writing done, then we made our way to Freret St. Market, which is really a great event.  Good tunes, good art, good food.  Knocked out a few Xmas gifts.

Then we biked downtown to check in on LA Music Factory (gifts for us) and get a beer/cocktail.  Then we left our bikes at 13 to walk to the Mirliton Festival.  Stopped in Markey’s, where E got to ogle Jon Cleary while we reloaded.  Enjoyed the tunes at Markey Park while grabbing a mirliton/hummus wrap, and so on.

What we did was have a blast, but it also meant that we were skipping a lineup that would be the weekend of the year in most cities–SwampFest, the Magazine St. Crawl, Godot in the 9th, etc.  Jeez, an embarrassment of riches.

And I’ve heard from friends that the other stuff was doing really well too, so it sounds like everyone in town got out & about.  It was just a great time to be in New Orleans.

Maybe I’m giddy after seeing my ‘Hawks put up 76 on our former tormentors, and the Saints hang 41 on the Jags, but it’s almost enough to make me forget the stress of the rest of the week.


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