Kinda like a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac

Adrastos oughta love this.  I thought I misheard the tv just now when they showed a commercial for a new Eagles album that ends with the words, “Exclusively at Walmart.”

I know I’m not the only person who hates Walmart, but I checked it out on the Internets, and it’s true.   Walmart says it’s because they’re “America’s biggest supporter of the music business” (note that they don’t say they’re the biggest supporter of musicians), and the Eagles say they’re doing it “because of the retailer’s drive to take a lead in sustainability and make a difference for future generations” (read:  “They paid us a shitload of money for an exclusive deal.”)

Much as I loved them back in the day (and I did shell out the $10k or whatever for a ticket on the Hell Freezes Over tour), I’ll probably be just fine if I never hear another Eagles song in my lifetime, and now I’m actively encouraging people to leave those damn things on the shelves.  I can simultaneously avoid Walmart and avoid these pathetic sellouts.  More money to spend at LMF!  Eagles not available.


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