Are Californians as stupid as New Orleanians?

The chapter on E’s-&-my (don’t know how the grammar works on that) book is on attributions in disasters.  That is, how do we explain the disaster itself and the behavior related to it.  Whether one calls it “Hurricane Katrina” or the “Federal Flood” implies different sources of responsibility and represents the attributional process itself.

Joan Walsh has an interesting take on the attribution shift by W and his minions.  Apparently, we’re stupid for not anticipating flood, but he’s not.

Perino also insisted comparisons between Hurricane Katrina and the California wildfires are misplaced, because wildfires are unpredictable, but “when you have a hurricane, there are days when you can prepare and prepare for evacuation.” That contradicted her boss, President Bush, who defended the government’s inaction two years ago by saying Katrina was a surprise, insisting: “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”


One Response to Are Californians as stupid as New Orleanians?

  1. mickymackyG says:

    interesting stuff, attributions. Glad you are writing about it w/regard to Katrina.

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