I watch too much football

I’m one of those lucky guys whose wife enjoys watching sports almost as much as he does. In fact, E’s about perfect because she’ll watch the games with me, she knows the stuff, but she still thinks I know more than she does, so she’ll ask me for clarification or opinion, which just makes me feel masculine. So through KU basketball (and–damn–now we have a football team that’s on national tv 2 weeks in a row!) and Saints football, we’re there. Love it, even if I feel guilty Monday morning that I watched 3 games and didn’t get any work done.  The Monday game always helps me through the pain.  A few reflections:

I’m glad to see the Saints win a couple, but jeez, we tanked in the 2nd half against Seattle and won ugly against Atlanta. Might even make it 3 with the hapless 49ers. Somewhat hollow victory, but a victory nonetheless. I still think this team should be good, but that doesn’t make them good.

Our Saints tickets are pretty high up, but we’re about at the 50, so it’s a bargain ticket. An Atlanta couple was coming up the aisle, when fans started booing them (much better than the days when we were outnumbered when ATL came to town), and the guy said, “Damn, y’all got the same record as us.” Not quite, but point taken.

Randy Moss is definitely a great receiver–truly great. But c’mon, he doesn’t deserve all the praise for that catch in the endzone with his elbow. Lucky, and he should have been called for interference. Maybe if the pass came from Culpepper.

I like rooting for one team each game, even if it’s for weak reasons.  I usually root for the Mannings because they’re from here, but I hate Peyton being a Bushie and Eli refusing to play for SD (I hate prima donna rookies).  But still, I’m all about NOLA, and at least I haven’t heard them bash the city.  Otherwise, I go for the underdog because I don’t want to look so bad in comparison.  And I have to hate NE because I have friends who went to Michigan State.  A tangled web of loyalties sports bring.

I’m one of the few who actually likes broadcasting most of the time.  I’m surprised to like Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN; he’s pretty sharp and pleasant to watch, much moreso than as a player.  Still, I tell E to take a drink everytime he says, “At the end of the day…” just like we did whenever Theismann would talk about when he played.


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