Elections, etc

As usual, I’m adopting my usual, “well, at least I voted so I can complain” mentality after Saturday’s elections.  There was some bad news and some less-bad news.

Yeah, I’m really bummed that Jindal won without a runoff.  I don’t like him one bit, and it always pisses me off when someone I can’t stand wins and then talks about “unity.”  Well, ok, then change your views, and I’ll unify with you.  I think LA drank the koolaid, but frankly, I don’t think Foster turned out to be the disaster I expected.

I was surprised how emotional I got when I saw that a country singer was briefly threatening to go to a runoff with Mitch Landrieu for Lt Gov.  For some reason, Mitch is one of those rare politicians (career, at that) whom I trust, like, and respect.  I like what he’s done for an office I knew very little about before him; I like what I hear him say about taxes, culture, etc; I’ve bumped into him a few times around town, and he strikes me as a genuine, nice New Orleanian who wants things to be better.  If “name recognition” for Sammy F*in Kershaw would have kept him from balancing power a bit in BR and doing what he’s good at, I would have blown a gasket.

Glad Foti’s done.  Bummed that Percy Marchand and Tommie Vassel didn’t have a better showing.  I like them too.  I don’t know what I’ll do for St. Rep, but I’ll vote for Willard-Lewis over Jackie.  Even though I don’t like Malcolm Suber saying that whites shouldn’t run for the city council slot, I want that to be my decision.  Truth is, I want to live in Chocolate City, so if it’s reasonably close, I’m voting for the black candidate.  (Note that I voted for Mitch over Nagin’s re-election).  I’ve talked to enough black friends who retain a hint of suspicion about white candidates’ goals that I am inclined to do a little more to maintain adequate black representation.

On another note, it’s sappy, but I really like voting.  We walk the dogs and take turns watching them and going in to vote.  We know our poll workers, and the people going in there are such a cross-section of the city, that I feel a little faithful.  Even if it doesn’t always seem to do much, I feel good casting my ballot.

Now, etc:  I’m still going to post on McGuire’s demise, but now heading home.  Who knew that a university in New Orleans would close for rain?  A good chance to get some writing done…


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