I’m Back… And Better Than Ever!*

*Of course, as TheWVSR says, everything’s relative.

I’m sure that my 3 readers (as Jemaine says, that’s triple digits!) will be most relieved.  For a bunch of reasons, I got off the blogwagon, but I’ve missed pretending I have a voice, and I’m jealous of all the great NOLA bloggers who’re getting it done, so I’m giving it another crack.

I don’t know if I should capture the last 5 months or just start fresh, so it’ll be a combo.  I have to give the late McGuire a suitable cybermorial, so that’s my next post.  And we have a new addition who’ll get props too.

But now, it’s votin’ time, and living here 16 years apparently long enough to warrant more than one vote, so that’s all I get.  Here’s how I’m going:

  • Campbell for Gov (but I’ll take anyone over Jindal)
  • Landrieu for Lt. Gov.  I think he’s been great.  He gets it.
  • Dardenne for Sec of St (I guess)
  • Caldwell for AG, mainly trying to get rid of Foti
  • Williams or Gray for St Sen (gametime decision for me)
  • Marchand for St Rep
  • Wainwright for Judge
  • Vassel for City Council.   I didn’t know anything about him before, but I think he’s the real deal.  No chance to win, of course, but I’m used to that.

I’m sure the watch will be another lesson in picking losers, but at least I get to complain.

In other news, E works with me now, and she’s loving it (the job, not working with me).  Less poisonous atmosphere is a good thing.

We’re co-writing Psychology of Disaster, and it’s our first crack at a book from scratch.  Never would have considered it before the FedFlood, and it’s been interesting so far.  Long way to go, but I’m enjoying it when I can get the chance to write.

We’re considering moving to a condo downtown.  Any advice?  Mainly, we’re having a hard time keeping up with our house, and we’d enjoy getting into the action a little more.  Still want an old place, but one we don’t have to maintain.  And a family with kids could be near Lusher in our current digs.  Far from a done deal, but it’s an intriguing thought.

Cut tendons in my hand this summer (another deterrent from blogging is inability to type), so I’ll post some pix of the cool contraptions they put me in.

Busy as hell, stressed out, but nothing like the folks who’re still fixing the house and dealing with shit like Ashley’s dealing with.

So tune in for reviews of ACL fest, NOLA film fest, etc.  Much to say.

Go Saints.


3 Responses to I’m Back… And Better Than Ever!*

  1. Editor B says:

    Welcome back. When Xy and I first moved to New Orleans we lived in the Warehouse District (Julia Place) for a year. It was pretty cool, and we only moved because it was a little expensive for a rental.

  2. Varg says:

    Welcome back Hammy. I’ll move you off the Inactive blogroll now!

  3. Michael Homan says:

    Welcome back Hammhawk. Think about moving to Mid-City. It’s certainly close to work. Glad E is part of your job, and mine, these days. Can’t wait for more posts about giant penis costumes, oh wait, is your mom reading?

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