All Nighter

Well, I’m pulling my annual pale imitation of Keith Richards, having been awake for 38 hours.  I didn’t sleep a wink last night (literally, not in the “man, I didn’t sleep well” sense), and only about 3 hours the night before, so this is a new record for me.  I had about 60 papers to grade, and I’d only knocked about 15 off before last night.

It’s a weird kind of buzz to stay up and see the sun rise while I try to focus on the papers and tests, and it creates a weird kind of loopiness the next day.  I’m a procrastinator by nature, and this is a tough time for us.  But in a way I like the single-mindedness of the grading crunch.  This is a new one for me though.

Update on the raccoon (speaking of nocturnal):  My neighbor Kenneth said yesterday that he had found a dead young raccoon in his yard, so that explains one of the other thuds we heard Monday night (sort of).  We looked for the source of the third thud, to no avail.  Does anyone know why they would have fallen?  It seems uncanny for them to have fallen from the tree at the same time, but I don’t know why their mother would have chased them out.  The falls seem to have been far enough apart not to be the result of a broken branch (I’d feel awful if our failure to trim the tree was responsible–we’re planning to spend about $2k getting it fixed up this summer).  I’d love some insight on raccoon behavior to let me know what happened.

In other perspectives, one of the perks of my job is seeing students move on to grad school success.  Anyone who’s been to grad school knows that it’s not for everyone, and even though I’ve never been a model student, I take some pride in having plugged through.

Well, last year I had two of the finest students I’ve ever encountered, and now I’m learning that they’ve had very lean offerings for grad school.  I don’t know what the hell’s going on, but it bums me out to an inordinate degree.  I know it’s not my responsibility, but I feel like I’ve missed something when they don’t make it where they want (and, frankly, deserve to be).  I would support my students (and here I’m talking about students I know well and have collaborated with extensively) wherever they wanted to go, but these are two of very few students I’d encourage to apply to even the most selective programs.  And yet, they’re not getting the offers for many of the fallback programs, and I’m irrationally pissed about it.  I’m hoping to get some insight into the reasons.  We all know that fit is huge, but at a time when I usually have some reservations about my students, these guys have it all, and yet they’re not sure where they’ll be.  I guess part of my reaction is guilt over the realization that they’re 5X the student I was, but I got in and they didn’t.  Pretty discouraging.

Well, I hope I’ll be able to post about JazzFest once I get some rest.  G’night.


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  1. Michael Homan says:

    What happened to the Is Chris Rose OK post? It’s gone

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