So I’m scanning radio stations in the car today, and I come across that stupid “Spud’s” show.  He makes a fine Ignatius, but I don’t think I’d like him as much, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by his approach to the Virginia Tech murders.  He was interviewing some therapist or something, and he starts getting into the shooter’s S. Korean background.  They discussed how this wasn’t consistent with Asian stereotypes of aggression (although they didn’t even acknowledge their use of stereotypes; they simply talked in general terms about how Asians are serious students and nonviolent as a people).

Then Spud starts saying that he hopes the South Korean government will issue an apology or at least a statement of condolence.

WTF?  Folks, this is white privilege as its ugliest.  Spud, we’d like you to apologize for Katrina victims who looted food or have stolen copper.  You need to let us know what you plan to do about these murders.  Hell, how do you live with yourself after what you did in Oklahoma City?

In social psyc, we have a concept called illusory correlation, where people make connections between two rare events.  Here, a Korean student is a murderer, and now we start to say that there’s some sort of link.  Jeez, maybe he was left-handed too!

Salon has documented more atrocities here.


2 Responses to Pigs

  1. Maitri says:

    Aaaaaaccckkkk! The shooter was a legal alien resident who had lived here since he was a small child. I am a naturalized alien, too, so if I kick Spud in the ass, India ain’t gonna apologize for my action, but should D.C.?

    This stupid conflation-correlation-causation stuff has to stop before we all die of Irrationality. You know what the probem is? They don’t place enough emphasis on logic in America any more.

    Yes, I’m pissed. Can you tell?

  2. Adrastos says:

    Spud is an excellent actor (his Earl Long was great too) and a total idiot. I like the stereotypes about Asians; especially given what warriors the Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese can be. That’s equally irrelevant: the guy grew up in the US. If they wanna go cultural they should talk about Americans ready recourse to violence as a solution to all problems. Take that, Spud.

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