Normally, when I say, “I’m busy,” it means, “Well, between teaching my classes, meeting with students and committees, surfing the web, doing crossword puzzles, getting a beer with my friends, keeping up on Jon Stewart, and sleeping an adequate amount, my days are somewhat full.”  But the last couple weeks have been a different breed.

I’ve been busy like other people seem to be when they say they’re busy.  But for me, it’s been nuts.  I’ve been trying to figure out processes for grants and the like, trying to meet deadlines, get grading done, and deal with some major “life issues” involving my family.  It’s been those weird realizations I get only rarely where I realize at some point that I literally can’t get all the work done on time.  There’s always more I could do (such is the nature of my job), but lately it’s been just enough to keep the fires relatively undeveloped.

I’ve always thought that one of my assets in work is that I’m conscientious.  I procrastinate.  I’m really inefficient.  I have ADD (seriously).  But my saving grace is that I care about getting the work done.  That means that, even if my job isn’t exactly on the line, I’ll stay up or get early or whatever, to get it done.  Wish I was more like E and got it done early, but I don’t.  Maybe someday.

So, not much to say, but I’m relieved to have a couple hours to watch the finals of the NCAA (FL is on a mission, but I sure hate Billy Donovan).  A little light at the end of the tunnel as we head to NJ to see E’s brother and his wife.  It’ll be nice, but I could use a little true down time too.


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