Salukis: Shattered

23 March 2007

So glad I got to put my clever headline in big type.  But mainly because my Jayhawks get to fight another day.

Tough game, and the worst TV coverage I’ve ever endured.  I’m fine with Memphis-TX A&M being the primary broadcast, but come on.  The KU game is close to the end, and they can’t show the final few minutes uninterrupted?  Seriously, KU’s ahead by 3 with 2 seconds remaining, and CBS goes back to the other game during a timeout, just like they did for all the other nervewracking timeouts.

At the end of the game, we get a second or two of Self walking to shake hands, and Gumbel basically says, “And the Salukis fall short. Back to San Antonio” so that we can see the 7 min or whatever was left in that game.  They’ve got to show a minute of the wrapup from a hard-fought game.  If I was an SIU fan, I’d be pissed that I couldn’t get any more closure than that crap.

At least Billy Packer didn’t cover the game.

Now we take on UCLA tomorrow.  ‘Twill be tough, but at least we have the spirit of Scott Pollard on our side: