Reports of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

dsc_0043.JPGMore pollyanna from me, but this weekend was another great one for people who love New Orleans. After a fine day for the wearin’ o’ the green (or, as the Onion once put it, “the Reinforcin’ o’ the Stereotypes”), Super Sunday was excellent.

We all agreed that it was bigger than last year with far more Indians. Not unexpected, I guess, but it seems like I hear more about how the tradition’s dying than that it’s rebounding. Maybe it’s taken a hit, but it’s far from dead. Hope you’ll check out my set on Flickr.

Didn’t stay for the party at the park, but Ashley and others look to be having a grand time. It was a real nice time.

Then, there’s this, from our consistent supporter, Peter King:

Stat of the Week

The Saints, who never sold out the Superdome for a full season in history until last season, now have a season-ticket waiting list of more than 20,000.


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