Inter-Round Hoops Links

If, like me, you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms from the break in the tournament, I’ve come across a few nice links of note.

This article is asinine. The reason college b-ball is better than NBA (and I do support the Hornets) is not because of the vastly superior playoff structure, it’s because the players enjoy what they’re doing and do so with passion. Sure, the “quality” of play in the NBA may be better, but it’s far less entertaining and makes me feel a little guilty for indulging. I can’t look away for a minute when I’m watching college, but even live at Hornets games, I spend more time looking for celebrities and planning my revenge against Al Copeland.

As noted previously, I hate Duke. A friend passed me this video, which I found to be a riot. Warning: Part of it briefly makes light of the Duke lacrosse scandal, which I don’t find funny, but if you can overlook that, it’s a goldmine for Dook-haters. (h/t Finger)

Lest I seem to be too biased, here‘s an example of the media smarts that KU players (Scot Pollard, c/o ’97 (do you have to graduate to be “c/o”?). Here’s the video. (h/t Brother M)

Enjoy the rest of the tournament, and if KU makes the FF next weekend, can anybody cover my class on Monday?

Update (just more stuff not warranting a new post):

Do any of you hoops fans think it’s ridiculous how often charging gets called in today’s game?  I don’t think you should have to be set for 2 seconds without moving or whatever the old definition was, but right now you just get in a guy’s way, flop when you smell him, and you draw a charge.  Yeah, I’m pissed because KU got called for it on about 3 consecutive trips down the floor, but I’ve yelled at the screen in games I’m impartial about too.

Some nice evaluation for the ‘Hawks on ESPN in their Sweet-16 re-seeding:

The New and Improved Seeds:

1: KANSAS (previous NCAA seed: 1)


It isn’t just the margin of victories — an, “Oh, did we just win by 40?” over Niagara and a 12-point (felt like 22) win against Kentucky — it’s how the Jayhawks seem to improve every minute they’re on the court. That’s why they replace Florida as my new overall No. 1. Keep this up and they’ll win the West Regional, the Final Four and possibly the NBA’s Atlantic Division.


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  1. Michael Homan says:

    The This Is Why You Suck video was great.

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