… And Speaking of Copeland

Keep the heat on people.  Maybe you can read more into this than I can, but here’s a letter from my friend GD to Stacy Head and her response.  Let me know what you make of this and if you hear of anything more going on.  I’m not sure why Chase can’t move a little faster, but there y’go.

Dear Council Member Head,

I wrote to you almost one year ago about conditions at the intersection of
St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues.  There are two abandoned properties at the
intersection.  Specifically, I refer to the properties formerly occupied by
the Rite-Aid Pharmacy and Copeland’s Restaurant.  I would like to know when
the city plans to impound these properties and convert these buildings for
public use.

It is my understanding that the city has the authority to seize properties
that remain unrepaired and vacant.  I can offer many suggestions for uses
that will improve public welfare such as a children’s library, a streetcar
museum, a health clinic.  You might also add to the list of abandoned
properties another establishment on St. Charles Avenue, the building
formerly occupied by the Cheesecake Bistro.

The failure to restore these businesses is appalling, especially at a vital
intersection like St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues that is frequented by
locals and visitors alike.  These buildings are in the heart of the
unflooded area of the city and their shabby state sends the wrong message
about the city’s recovery.

At some level, I am not surprise that corporate callousness as displayed by
these prosperous firms, along with other national chains like Starbucks,
rules the day.  Clearly, these particular corporations have a clear focus on
profits and little interest in promoting our recovery.

Thanks for any assistance that you can provide in this matter.

Here’s Head’s response:

The rite aid is being redeveloped into a chase bank.  I requested that various departments cite copelands — but I have not yet received confirmation.  The expropriation ability that you speak of is dependant on the administration’s will to act.  I am pushing and prodding through council hearing etc to move expropriations forward, but it is difficult.

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