Life’s Been Good To Me… So Far

Today started shitty.  I was in a bad mood.  That’s fairly unusual; I’m a pretty even-keeled guy.  Even my eruptions are short-lived, specific, and relatively unthreatening.  Don’t know exactly what it was this morning, but I was overwhelmed and taxed, and I’d put on a few pounds, when I’m trying to lose more than a few.

Anyway, I went through my day, vented to some students (not about my weight, but about a few policy changes in terms of email etiquette, texting, etc), and moved on.  Then I went to a very fine lecture by a classics prof at Brown who talked about perceptions of war in ancient Greece.  Really interesting work.

Then I got to be part of the group who took him to dinner (so I didn’t have to pay) at Dante’s Kitchen, where we had a great conversation and evening, eating good food, drinking good wine, outside (the traffic was a little loud, but it’s worth it), and so on.  We talked about a lot of things, and we told him why we loved New Orleans so much, Leslie told me that she loved La Divina, I offered to buy a friend a drink for his b-day, and then came home to watch some hoops–my only permitted TV this Lent.

So I’ve been logging people’s picks for our tourney and having a drink and listening to Tom Waits’ latest.  Pretty lucky.  I’m not saying that to gloat to people who’re dealing with bigger issues, but to express a little appreciation for my good fortune.  I don’t deserve it, but I’m grateful.


3 Responses to Life’s Been Good To Me… So Far

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  2. ashley says:

    I like my spam pan-fried. Paneed, as it were.

    I like how we’re seeing the wonder in everything these days, and I especially like people using Joe Walsh lyrics whenever possible.

  3. M says:

    When you think about it, of all of the qualities you could wish for in other people, if they had gratitude, the other good qualities would follow. No matter who their contractor.

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