Life’s Been Good To Me… So Far

16 March 2007

Today started shitty.  I was in a bad mood.  That’s fairly unusual; I’m a pretty even-keeled guy.  Even my eruptions are short-lived, specific, and relatively unthreatening.  Don’t know exactly what it was this morning, but I was overwhelmed and taxed, and I’d put on a few pounds, when I’m trying to lose more than a few.

Anyway, I went through my day, vented to some students (not about my weight, but about a few policy changes in terms of email etiquette, texting, etc), and moved on.  Then I went to a very fine lecture by a classics prof at Brown who talked about perceptions of war in ancient Greece.  Really interesting work.

Then I got to be part of the group who took him to dinner (so I didn’t have to pay) at Dante’s Kitchen, where we had a great conversation and evening, eating good food, drinking good wine, outside (the traffic was a little loud, but it’s worth it), and so on.  We talked about a lot of things, and we told him why we loved New Orleans so much, Leslie told me that she loved La Divina, I offered to buy a friend a drink for his b-day, and then came home to watch some hoops–my only permitted TV this Lent.

So I’ve been logging people’s picks for our tourney and having a drink and listening to Tom Waits’ latest.  Pretty lucky.  I’m not saying that to gloat to people who’re dealing with bigger issues, but to express a little appreciation for my good fortune.  I don’t deserve it, but I’m grateful.