What I Learned from Blogging this Weekend

If you’re talking to someone who’s starting to blog, and he or she just wants people to find the page, here’s a recommendation: Include some reference (inadvertent or otherwise) to sex or drugs. I wish I could attribute my big spike in hits on either a sudden interest in my posts, or in supporting a good new gelateria, but alas, I fear that the visitation is the result of my inclusion of the word “ecstasy” in the title. Oh well.

I don’t get a lot of business, which is fine, but these stats really cracked me up. Still, go to La Divina!

Update:  I ended up with 281 views that day.  Sheesh.

One Response to What I Learned from Blogging this Weekend

  1. your friend and neighbor says:

    A co-worker sent me a link to Michael Homan’s blog regarding his trip to DC and I saw a comment posted from Hammhawk. That name sounded familiar to me so I followed the link and ended up at your blog. So now you know why your stats have gone up by 1 person. 🙂

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