McGrady & Horn Update

Just heard from a friend in Houston (NO native, moved for work before the storm, hopes to move back here) that she and her boyfriend have boycotted Rockets games because of their candyass allstar.

Nice link from GD: Not everyone hates us. Shut Up & Play, T-Mac.

I’ve always liked Peter King’s writing, and he’s been a steadfast Saints supporter. Here’s his take on the Horn deal:

i. Nothing personal, Joe Horn. But as nice as it’d be to pay for sentimentality, teams that do that in a cap era are asking for trouble. If you’re paying for a player today, you’ve got to pay for one thing — performance. And Horn was just too beat up the last couple of years for the Saints to go out on a financial limb for him.

As a bonus, here’s what he says about Aaron “Organization-Killing” Brooks:

The Raiders didn’t have the kind of quarterback who could consistently get him the ball. Kerry Collins in ’05 gave way to Aaron Brooks last year, and it was laughable when Oakland people talked about Brooks last summer as though he were some sort of savior instead of the organization-killing kind of guy who just doesn’t like football. (Ask anyone who’s been around Brooks the last couple of years, in New Orleans and Oakland. The guy likes money, not football.)


One Response to McGrady & Horn Update

  1. ashley says:

    FYI, King has 4 Saints season tickets, just because he thought it could help keep the team here. He lives in New Jersey.

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