Angelina & Scott Repopulate New Orleans

They’re taking different approaches, but the net effect will be more people in our fair city.

Angelina’s will take a while, but if she maintains consistency, I’m confident that we’ll soon have our own little Musicians’ Village of Jolie-Pitts:

A U.S. adoption agency representing the 31-year-old actress filed the papers at Vietnam’s International Adoption Agency, said Vu Duc Long, the agency’s director.

Scott‘s approach is a less direct, but it could perhaps have a greater impact, as people around the country see the hunky anchor’s willingness to come here (Might his safety be a concern, Tracy? Do you think the system’s in place to handle his entourage, Shaq?) as validation of our livability:

I am pleased to announce that NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, the nation’s most-watched news anchor and a friend of Tulane University, will deliver the keynote address at Commencement 2007, May 19 at 9 a.m. in the New Orleans Arena.

In all honesty, I’m no celeb-worshipper, but I’m one of the few people around here who’ll admit to being glad to have Brad & Angelina, John Goodman, Jennifer Coolidge, etc calling NO home. Not only do I think it sends a message to the celeb-worshippers who are in such numbers around the country, but I admit to finding it strangely validating to have people who could live anywhere call our city home. These folks choosing New Orleans (h/t Mr. Melpomene on that one) makes me feel just a little bit less crazy.

Update:  Angelina Jolie, Womb Raider


2 Responses to Angelina & Scott Repopulate New Orleans

  1. ashley says:

    Must be tough for Cowen to follow up last year, with 41 and 42. Me, I had Cokie Roberts. At least it was in the Superdome.

  2. New Orleans can become a place where people who could live anywhere will choose to do so. But it is going to take a mindset shift. See this old post back when the LRA was not a synonym of FEMA —

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