Bite Me, Tracy McGrady

1 March 2007

Alright, I’m the first to agree that the NBA is a boring-ass league. I’d rather watch Central Southwestern State Tech play college ball than the Mavericks play pro. Simply put, the college players enjoy what they do, and they’re not dominated by prima donna assholes.

It was pathetically amusing a few years ago when the players were bitching about their salaries because they had to “put food on the table.”

Now pricks like T-Mac and players’ union chief Billy Hunter have expressed their fear of coming to the Crescent City because we’re too dangerous.

“If I don’t feel that I’m going to be safe, if I am on that team, I will look into probably not even going,” McGrady said.

“First of all, their police force is dissipated. They’re probably dealing with half the force they had before,” Hunter told Newsday. “They don’t have all the resources that we will need to properly police the city. They’ve got a serious crime problem as it is. And so what are they going to do?”

Fellas, just stay out of bars with Pacman Jones, and you’ll probably be fine.

As my friend GD says,

Eight inches shorter, 35 pounds lighter, and 35 years older, I have lived in the city since my return in 2005, one month after the levees broke. Maybe McGrady is just lacking in some other anatomical feature.

Update (also, links & quotes added):  Thanks for the hometown love (NOT), Shaq (you do know that Spike Lee was filming a year ago, right?):

“I’m not sure if the city of New Orleans is ready for something like that,” Shaquille O’Neal, who played at LSU, told Newsday. “I don’t know what New Orleans’ situation is, but from watching the Spike Lee special and watching the news, it doesn’t look like it’s ready for something like that.”

Jeez, am I getting sick of people who haven’t been here telling the world what it’s like.   No wonder congress doesn’t get it either.