I’m not the most creative person in the world, but I’m sometimes proud of things I come up with, such as my melon sling invention, which is a convenient way of toting watermelons, canteloupes, etc, and my aquarium ornament, based on my best-ever Halloween costume, a mafia hit.

Now I have a new idea that would be really helpful to me, and I think any other professor or person who collaborates on computer work (Ashley, is this up your alley?  Any chance you could mandate it when you’re our new CFOB, you’ll probably tell me it already exists or is stupid for some reason, but I’m just tellin’ ya what I want)  I want someone to make a dual-screen laptop or monitor, so that someone sitting across from me would be able to see the same thing I’m seeing (turn-offable, of course).  As it is, I have to turn everything around, and we both strain our necks.  I could get another monitor, but my idea would take up less space.  It could be just an additional screen backing on my monitor, with an additional cover that could go over it to protect.

What do you tech-types think?  Any plausibility here?


3 Responses to Inventions

  1. Editor B says:

    It’s stupid for some reason.

    But seriously, I’m guessing the demand wouldn’t be sufficient to create the product. But what do I know? This is not so much a technology question as a marketing question, I’d guess.

  2. Editor B says:

    Oh. Um. When I said “it’s stupid for some reason” I was trying to be clever by parroting back what you predicted I would say. Just a joke. If I really thought it was stupid I would hope to be much more diplomatic!

  3. hammhawk says:

    Did you get hassled for saying that? I only predicted your statement because you’ve always thought of something I haven’t. Well taken, and you’re right, it is a marketing issue. E and I are writing a book, and most publishers won’t bite unless we expect at least 15,000 sales on the first printing, which just won’t happen with ours.

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