Tornadoes in My Hood; No Pictures

Well, it’s another round of, “How’d y’all make out?”

And another round of blessing counting for E & me. We dodged the flood by a few blocks in Katrina because we’re on high ground, and we dodged this sucker by exactly one block because… well, I don’t know why. Survivor guilt redux; at least this tornado doesn’t seem to be the type of thing to cause the city the kind of grief that K-bitch did (is). But it’s plenty rough on the people who were hit, especially the elderly woman who was killed in Gentilly. Thoughts out to the victims.

I’d love to take pix and post them as citizen journalism, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Just around the corner, we can see our neighbors’ rooms because the entire front is gone. Furniture, clothes, etc still in place, just like some of the buildings after Katrina. A bunch of the houses by us have lost roofs, walls, trees, cars, whatever. They’d be great pix, but it’s our neighbors’ life, and I just feel a little weird. Maybe it’s because this morning as we assessed the area in a crowd, some punk-ass frat boys or something said (loudly), “Man, someone could be DEAD in there.” E told him that he’s amid their neighbors and needs to shut up. I don’t mind other people taking the pix, but I’m just not quite comfortable with it.

We didn’t know what was up when E woke me up to hear the storm. Then it got REALLY loud, and stuff started hitting the house as transformers popped. Then it was over; less than a minute of strong stuff. We went to the back where the world’s biggest pecan tree and pain in the ass is, and it hadn’t lost much. But there were a few portions of someone’s roof against said tree, which seemed weird considering. Our neighbor two doors down was out and said they had a 5-foot hole from debris coming through the side of the house. Til then, I just thought it was a bad squall.

Now you’d think there was a Mardi Gras parade nearby, what with all the backed up traffic and cops (hell, even the Entergy trucks ring a bell).

One saving grace in our neighborhood is that most of the homes are probably insured, and at least these owners are most likely prepared to get work done. I felt badly though for one couple who just bought a nice place a block in the other direction and had really done some nice work on it. “Welcome to the neighborhood, folks. Let us know if you need to borrow some windows.”

Stay tuned for the locusts.


10 Responses to Tornadoes in My Hood; No Pictures

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