Elie Says It Like It Is

Nice link from Ashley, on Lolis Eric Elie’s missive in the Washington Post. I think this part sums it up:

If, say, Cuba or Venezuela had seized 24 square miles of American territory, the call to arms would have been immediate and decisive. But because coastal erosion is an enemy neither foreign nor domestic, we seem willing to surrender to it. We’ve retreated behind the excuse that New Orleans can’t be saved. We’ve abandoned our can-do pride. In the Netherlands, the Dutch have managed to craft a flood-control system that protects the huge percentage of that nation’s land that lies below sea level. These days Americans lack the money, the ingenuity, the patriotism, the humanity of the Dutch.

So much to be said about this, but just read it. It’ll remind you more than ever why we are not of this country.


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