Another Good Post Column

In response to my sending him Ashley’s like to the Post column by Elie (post below), GD sent me one I hadn’t seen yet from Eugene Robinson. It’s a pretty decent look at the Slow (or Nonexistent) Road Home program. This is interesting because GD lambasted Robinson shortly after Katrina for saying that the affluent white areas didn’t flood. This kind of thing pisses off guilty white males like GD and myself because we know, as most Orleanians do, that our neighborhoods are more diverse than most in the country; although we’re in the high ground of other affluent whites, my high ground holds all sort of people.

Anyway, Robinson’s column is a good one. Like him, I’m sick of people like W and Donald Powell complaining about how hard and complex this stuff is. No shit? Well, that’s why you get paid the big bucks.


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