housegutting2-014.jpgAlright, I made 38 2 1/2 hrs ago. I’m a little drunk from E’s trip to Vegas (she’s my editor; no offense, B); this was the day I was supposed to go to the theatah for a quadruple-feature, but frankly, the beauty of an empty afternoon was too much to pass up, and I was in the office til 6 taking care of a bunch of emails, etc.

So my b-day will begin with a much needed haircut in the morning, followed, I hope, by the use of a gift cert for a massage that I got before K, then pick up E, a nap, parades, and then Cleary at the Maple Leaf (one of my favorite local acts, even if he does occasionally play at HoB). We’ll miss ShangriLa, which our neighbor is in, but alas.

Sunday we’ll see Papaya Man at Anthony Bean and try to get some grading done.

Not a bad b-day weekend, even if I was planning on being knee-deep in flick catchups by now. Well, at least I’m drunk.

Stay beautiful, NO, despite your seemingly insurmountable bullshit. Nothing like you.emotional.jpg


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