My Rose-y Disposition

I’m writing this with the awareness that I’m guilty of an unrealistically optimistic disposition about most things. As a social psychologist, I’m also aware of my need to justify my situation and decisions.

Now then, I seem to be one of the only people who still likes Chris Rose. All the NOLA bloggers seem to think he’s worthless, but I’ll admit that I don’t.  Yeah, he could’ve been bolder in lambasting the protesters of KdV, but maybe I’m just sympathetic because I’d be the same way for fear of being hypocritical or of losing my job (or of going to hell…).

From where I sit, Rose has done a hell of a job (in MOST cases) documenting the struggles of live in NO, and I seem to be in the web-minority in really appreciating his depression stuff.  And I think he’s a pretty good guy too, so I’m giving him a pass when what he says or does isn’t exactly what I’d like to see.

He sure beats the hell out of Nossiter….


One Response to My Rose-y Disposition

  1. I think he’s a great guy too, his articles are a little more thought provoking than they were pre-katrina, but i’ve known him for quite a while (since my dad works with him at the paper) and have fond memories of going to saints games with him a bunch of reporters families back int he day… sure he can offend but at least he speaks what seems to be his mind, right?

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