He’s Shit-ic

Not that anyone doesn’t already know what our Emperor is, but I was particularly peeved by Bush’s defense of his use of the expression “Democrat Party,” dropping the “ic”.  I don’t really care (no, Freepers, I’m not “offended”), but what I do care about is that W straightup lied about his choice of words.  Here’s what he said when NPR called him on it:

That was an oversight.  I’m not trying to needle…. I didn’t even know I did it.

That struck me as weird because I’d remembered some references to it a few months ago and just picturing him and his frat buddies chortling together about what a great goat-fucking prank it would be to launch this meme.  Well, I finally got around to looking up the references, and found this great Hertzberg post in the New Yorker from way back in early August.

Yeah, it’s minor, but there’s no way this was an oversight; it’s a fucking talking point.  Prick needs to move on.


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