Krewe du Vieux

Once again, I had an absolute blast marching in KdV.  We marched in ’93 for the first time (just filling in for some people who couldn’t go) but didn’t join Spermes when some friends started it up in grad school.  When we moved back we joined, and it’s a great time.  I wish we could also be spectators, but there you go.

Our theme was “Spermes Gets Its Head Examined,” and the float had a big penis on a psyc couch.  It turned out very nicely, no thanks to me, as I was out of town or tied up during each construction session.

I went as “Dr. Fill” with a mask I adapted from a Stone Cold Steve Austin mask (I’m sure both he & Dr. Phil would be thrilled) and enormous fake (obviously) penis.  It went pretty well.  But my damn camera died, so I have about 3 pics of other people, and they’re stuck in G&S’s car.

Saw a few bloggers whom I recognize from their sites, and got to chat with Ashley for a minute before we marched.  He’s right that last year was one of those important events for the city.  This year’s was important too, but not important.  I was proud to show the world in one of the first real festive events that we’re bringing back the city in fine form.  In fact, I was at the Krewe of Oak Mid Summer Mardi Gras march about 8 hours before we evacuated, and getting back to it with KdV was a real honor.

Great crowd, great vibe, and the protesters’ animosity may have added a bit to the ambiance, even if they didn’t actually protest while the parade was in action. So I’m looking forward to seeing the pix and hope to post a few here soon.  Great night.

And…   BILL’S BACK!!!


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