Goodbye, WhoopyCat

pets-16-may-06-025-small.jpgYesterday we put WhoopyCat to sleep. She had started getting sick about 3 weeks ago; our vet Matt said it was kidney failure. We didn’t want to do anything drastic, but we did give her fluids every 2-3 days, and that helped until a couple nights ago.

This is no tragedy or anything; Whoopy was almost 18 years old, but she had been through a hell of a lot with us. So it’s very sad for us, especially E. Her then-boyfriend “YuckyKen” got her for E in the summer of ’89. For perspective, GHWBush had been in office about 6 months. Hell, E & I didn’t even meet til ’91.

WhoopyCat was about the first cat I really liked. I was allergic to them, but somehow acclimated after E and I started shacking up. And Whoopy had a pretty cool demeanor, not as fussy and entitled as some cats. But she also didn’t care to be around people too much. She spent a lot of time trying to find new places to hang out by herself and left piles of fur there as a marker. McGuire, our other cat, is the real lover, so I’m dreading the day we go down that path; this one is plenty tough for me.

My hordes of longtime readers will note that we put Slim to sleep about 7 months ago. We had joked for a while that we’d have a tough spell when all the pets started running out of time, and now it’s happening. We’ll love McGuire & Denali that much more, but McGuire is 17 and blind, and Denali is 8 and obese (we’re working on that). Ugh. I hate death. I hope it’s a while before I have to post one of these obits again.

If you’re wondering about the name, I love this story. YuckyKen had misunderstood the lyrics to Misty Mountain Hop:

I didn’t notice but it had got very dark and I was really
Really out of my mind.
Just then a policeman stepped up to me and asked us, said, “Please, hey,
would we care to all get in line, Get in line.”
Well, you know, they asked us to stay for tea and have some fun; Oh, oh,oh.
he said that his friends would all drop by, ooh.

Now I’d never understood the lyrics either, so this isn’t a slam on YK, but if you listen for it, the “would we care” part in the middle of this stanza sounds just like “WhoopyCat.”

So that’s how she got her name. I don’t listen to a lot of the Zep anymore, but I’ll think of her everytime I hear it, as well as this time of year, when E used to swing her around and sing, changing “Mardi Gras Mambo” to “Mardi Gras Whoopy.” I think she enjoyed it as much as we did.

So thanks WhoopyCat. Cheers, and thanks for being so cool. We’ll miss you.


2 Responses to Goodbye, WhoopyCat

  1. liprap says:

    I know the line. I always thought that’s what it sounded like, too.

    RIP, old cat soul.

  2. […] says), and her favorite living being, present authors notwithstanding. I posted obits for Slim and WhoopyCat, who also died within 12 months of Mac, but I just never got around to giving him his […]

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