Stay Classy, Chicago

I don’t think it’s fair to generalize about the city (which I’ve loved for a long time) or its people (who like their food and music and sports, much like us) from a few pricks, but we need to make damn sure we don’t get misrepresented by some prick creating stories like this and this.
For the record, I didn’t like the taunt, but Reggie does have class, and we all know it.  Why didn’t this get covered here, as far as I know?

Let’s hope we keep our rep as good fans with some perspective (lord knows, we have more perspective than anyone) even as we keep on winning.


One Response to Stay Classy, Chicago

  1. dillyberto says:

    Nice blog.

    I agree that every city has socially challenged individuals. I believe that New Orleans just has them drinking at such a young age they know how to handle themselves better.

    The wave of ugly Bear fan stories is pretty petty and embarrassing. Any sports fan should be focused on his/her team, its play, players, and its future. The only sports fan stories worth noting are those which result in arrests, otherwise the media shouldn’t waste our time.

    We want to hear about streakers being arrested in a frigid Chicago.

    We want hear about how Urlacher treats the paparazzi.

    We want to hear about how Chicago fans treat Grossman.

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