I Was Wrong

Was I ever.  I really thought there was no chance we would win this game.  I thought we were so clearly the better team, that the weather wouldn’t be a factor, that the Bears were in disarray, that you don’t get to the SuperBowl with a weak QB, that we had too many weapons to be vulnerable, that Reggie Bush isn’t a showboater, that Karma means something….

But I was wrong.  I hate losing, but I’m not really a bad sport.  I think we didn’t play a good game, but I don’t think we didn’t try.  I thought we should’ve put more faith in the run, but we didn’t.  I’m very sad that we lost, but I love this team, and I wish next year could start today.

But it doesn’t.  We went to the airport to greet them, but when we found out the plane was so late, we went home, intending to come back.  Because E and I are both a bit under the weather, we didn’t go back (she protested).  I’m sorry guys, but I’m sure you understand.

Here’s hoping we keep the bulk of this great group intact, and here’s hoping that Peyton gets his and embarrasses those who embarrassed us.

Here’s hoping that Reggie gets back to the humility that made him impossible to criticize, even when his numbers weren’t quite what we wanted.

Here’s hoping that the fans maintain their optimism and gratitude, even though we’ve tasted success.

Here’s hoping that the country continues to get some positive stories out of NOLA, not just the ones involving the Saints.

Thanks, team, for a great ride.

I’m no B.rox, but I did an interview last week before the game on Diva 92.3, which I’d never listened to for 1 minute in my life.  It went fine, and I’ll do another one on the effects of losing and the depression that sometimes results.  The first talk was about the positive effects of the team, and I even said that we’d have no problem with the Bears, even though I didn’t say I thought we’d win the SuperBowl.

I was wrong about the Bears even before the game.  Ugh.


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