Rare Saints Post

I don’t post much on the Saints because others (Ashley, TBNO, ONOS) do it so much better, but dammit, I can’t keep it in anymore.  I giggle to myself when I think of what they’re doing.  I don’t know if it can get any better, but I’d like to find out.

I’m so proud of what they’ve done.  They really have made a difference in the spirit of the city, winning and doing good.  They’ve never embarrassed us, even with their play.  I’ve had season tix for 6 years, with a friend who’s had them for 20, so we’re used to losing, but this year it’s been different from the beginning.

Still, after reading articles about how we should put the money elsewhere, Bush isn’t as good as advertised, we’re skating on karma, we get this tripe about how the team is fiscally unsound.  Let me get this right.  We’ve sucked for 40 years and been ok, now we’re headed to the SuperBowl (yes, we’ll beat Chicago, not so confident about Indy or NE) and we’re doomed?  Man, am I tired of the NYT and Slate.  Anything to be contrarian.

I’m not saying we should have grace from criticism because of Katrina (e.g., the GQ food article), but I get the sense that we are just a target for the reactionary writers of the world to get a buzz.

As bad as people’s memories are in the country, people still think the Saints aren’t for real, and they still don’t realize that our defense is pretty damn good.  Not as good as our offense, but people who say it’s a liability are still stuck to their preseason expectations (when we were everyone‘s last in the division).  Wake up, people.  Just as Indy’s D isn’t as bad as advertised, neither is ours.  In fact, it rocks.  Just look at the power and speed behind Hollis Thomas, Charles Grant, Will Smith, etc.  Yeah, I wish our corners were more reliable, but dammit, these guys get the job done.  Our worst loss this season was 15 points.  Even when we had an off day, we’ve been in every game.  Can’t say that about Dallas, Cincy, and other preordained great teams.  Two more chances to show the world that we will not be bullied.

Anyway, despite the disrespect around the world, I’m more confident about this.   Notice who has 5 of the top 12 rookies in the final 4.  The future is bright, people.  Thanks, Sean, Deuce, Drew, Reggie, Scott, Marques, Charles, Mike, Jon, Steve, Fred, Mark, and the rest.  We’re with you fellas.  And hey, Rita B-L, you get a pass til you screw us over like gramps has thought about doing.  Whether he is reformed (a la Scrooge) or just bending to league pressure to wait until this Katrina thing passes by, here’s your choice:  Do us right, and you’ll have a great time, a great experience, and the appreciation and love of an entire region.  Pull a Robert Irsay on us, or start trying to be Dan Snyder, and you’ll have a special place ready for you in hades.

One more quick point:  I thought the shirt on the “passionate waif,” as Ashley calls her, said Pluck da Eagles and was just wrinkled in an unfortunate way.  Guess not!  Ok then.  No major transgression, in my view.  There are far worse things a fan can do.


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