Sad Irony

Just got my WWOZ premiums in the mail last night.  Nice jacket.  Cool bumper sticker.  Nice CD.  I’m glad to have it because it has John Boutte’s JazzFest version of Louisiana 1927.  Complete with the coke sniff after mentioning W.  Classic.

But the song that seems to get the most rotation on ‘OZ lately is Voodoo Shop, a somewhat annoying (to me; sorry, they’re not my favs) live tune by Cowboy Mouth.  What’s weird is the frequently-repeated line “Living upstairs from the voodoo shop” becoming big at almost the same time of the bizarre case of dying upstairs from the voodoo shop.

One of our more grotesque events lately.  A real shame.


One Response to Sad Irony

  1. Howie Luvzus says:

    I love Cowboy Mouth, but I hate that song. Joe Strummer is a really good one though.

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