Sick Thoughts

I hate being sick. Saturday night I started losing my voice while on Mike’s “Jefferson Highway Pub Crawl”–Props to the great Phil’s Party Bus for the transportation. Sunday I figured it was just an allergy, but then Sun afternoon I started losing it. Fever, cough, etc. Didn’t go to work Mon or Tues, which is very unusual for me, and I’m still not back to close to normal. Sucks.

So, here are a few general thoughts from my cranky haze (too cranky and too hazy to post links, so call it hearsay):

Why are all these visits to Iraq & Afghanistan by the administration always billed as “surprise”? I’m left only to think that they can’t ensure their safety, but they bill it as a bit cool move.

If you ever forget that WWOZ is all volunteer DJs and Bob French hasn’t reminded you recently enough, just catch a listen to David “DeadAir” Torkanowski’s show.

I’m glad that Jennifer Coolidge is moving to town. She’s not exactly A-list, and that’s a good thing. She’s funny, different, and knows why NO is great.

GD’s right; Aaron Neville is full of shit. First it’s the asthma (I can tell you first hand that Nashville will be 10X worse for that than NOLA); then it’s his wife’s health (a bit more reasonable, but no reason to not even come down to close JazzFest); now we read that he just can’t face the destruction. If I was one of those 80%ers who had been busting my ass just to get things going again, I’d resent the hell out of statements like that. As it is, it just makes me think he needs to strap some on and give back whatever portion of his royalties are deemed the result of the New Orleans mystique, because even with his money he’s letting it all go wherever the wind blows.

He’s still not as bad as Cyril.

The Gretna Heritage Fest has a pretty awful lineup, and I won’t go because I expect an acknowledgement of illegal/immoral/racist/classist/whatever actions by their cops. VOW is a better lineup, and I can’t go, but I would even though Cyril’s coming.

I like the idea of Kinky Friedman, but he needs to study the situation a little more closely before he claims that New Orleans evacuees are responsible for 20% of the crime there.

I believe that if the Repub party would tolerate gay congressmen, Mark Foley would have found more appropriate outlets for his “urges” and wouldn’t reinforce the general public’s sad association of homosexuality with pedophilia.

Chris Rose just might be our salvation. He’s probably helped the mental health of more New Orleanians than all the therapists in town (plus those who bailed) combined. And his rebuttal of the anti-Dome carpetbaggers was golden.

Alright, that’s it. I’m beat; had to get some not-so-thoughtout thoughts off my congested chest.


2 Responses to Sick Thoughts

  1. Michael says:

    I didn’t go to the Gretna festival because maybe their police were still shooting at we New Orleanians crossing the bridge to freedom. Even their musical lineup looked like racism.

  2. Elliott says:

    I agree about the lineup, but I hadn’t thought about the safety risk! There were a few bones to multiracial music (I do enjoy Sunpie), but I can’t imagine stomaching a Charlie Daniels set. Life’s too short (esp if you try to cross the CCC in times of crisis).

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