Can’t We Win Anything???

31 August 2006

This MUST be pre-Katrina.¬† Apparently, we’re tied for 24th (with TAMPA!) for drunkest city in the US.¬† Sheesh, we can’t even be #1 in the stuff we’re known for.

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Star Star

31 August 2006

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted; crazy at work, then sweet vacation, but lots coming soon.

Meanwhile, yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Katrina’s landfall, and I didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t do any of the “official” events except the “Instruments a Comin'” celebration at Tips. Pretty nice to hear marching bands again.


But still, some things are more ambiguous. One is the pending reopening of Starbucks. They’re two blocks from my house, and everyone who comes to town says, “You have a Starbucks two blocks away” like I’m supposed to be excited about it. Well, I hate that company, and we have a million local coffeeshops around, so I’ll never give them my money. Nevertheless, it pisses me off that they let that place sit unoccupied til Sept. With all that corporate money, they can’t open the damn coffeeshop in an area that didn’t flood? No, the pricks wait to see if things are going to come back, while the smaller local stores and chains do the heavy lifting. I hope no one reading this ever spends another dime on that company.