Our Liberal Media

I don’t mean our Liberal Media, as in what the Right (wrong) thinks of as the Liberal Media; I mean the media that truly tries to be liberal. There ain’t much there, but AirAmerica tries. Problem is, I can’t take it. I’ve tried listening, but at the risk of being smug, I don’t think liberalism lends itself to political radio. Rush et al. succeed because their points are simple and dichotomous (a student of mine clued me in to the term manichean, which is a nice concept dealing with seeing the world in terms of dualism, much like W does). Franken et al., however, have to make subtler, deeper points, and that doesn’t work as well on the radio. So I find myself getting frustrated with points their not making or with the minor details with which I take issue.

Still, there are some liberal oases out there. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the obvious ones. Hell, even Letterman’s become more progressive lately, despite his fratboy past. But my current hero is Keith Olbermann. Although I don’t watch regularly (he competes with Stewart & Colbert), I try to slip over during commercials, or I catch clips on the web. Well, he’s the shit. Here, he lambasts O’Lielly. Now, that may seem like an easy target, but his smugness presents a challenge, in a way. Here, he pummels Coulter, another potentially easy target, but one with such a rabid and demented fan base, that it’s as though liberals are above sticking it to her.

Thanks, Keith, and you’re the bomb, OGM.


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