Issues of the Day

I’m 100% in favor of gay marriage, and I’m 100% in favor of a cockfighting ban. There are people who feel 100% against both of those issues. They’ve been topical lately because people on both sides have pointed out that these may not be the most pressing issues facing us today, gay marriage on a national level, and cockfighting locally. I agree, but it’s still tough to forget about the issues til we have the leisure time to cover them.

Cockfighting is stupid. Aside from that, its legalization reinforces for people the notion that animals are here for our amusement, however sick and twisted that amusement may be. We need to respect animals more, and this “heritage” crap makes that less likely. True, we’re a joke to the rest of the country, but I can live with that. I’m against it because it’s wrong, and there are victims to this avocation.

Gay marriage, on the other hand, has not victims (except the people who use it to get married–yuk yuk). There is no reason for people to oppose this except for their own narrow beliefs. I would like to see Michael Kinsley’s idea get enacted where the state gets out of the marriage business altogether and lets religious folks take it over. They can allow any kind of marriage we want, and we can still protect people (or beings) that are not capable of making their wishes known or who are unable to make an adult decision. Either way, we need to eliminate the hypocrisy and either say people are equal or say they aren’t.

Not much enlightening here, but they’re hot button issues right now, I’m glad to see the “small gov’t” party go down in flames on gay marriage. I only wish the “it’s our heritage” yokels had suffered the same fate.


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