22 May 2006

Well, I went 2-for-4 in my voting, although I wasn’t too bummed about the two I lost.

Losers: The biggie was that I voted for Mitch Landrieu over Ray Nagin. Unlike some of my friends, I wasn’t angry that Nagin won, and I had some ambivalence about voting against him. I think he’s a good guy, and he has been a refreshing change from the corruption to which we’d become all too accustomed (and Jefferson isn’t helping). But I do think that Landrieu would be better prepared to handle the monumental challenges ahead of the city. I’m not sure which is worse, a lifelong businessman or a lifelong politician, but at least Nagin has some skills. And I hope that he’ll get to work capitalizing on the assets of his opponents. Here’re my requests for the 2nd term:

  • Don’t take this as a mandate, as W did. It’s not. Lots of people didn’t vote for you, and you need to find the middle ground to make everyone feel better about where we live.
  • Ditch the preacher-speak. I like you a lot more when you shoot from the hip, but not when you sound like you’re trying to be a minister. God didn’t hit us with the storm, and S/He won’t decide to spare us this time.
  • Pay attention to the stuff that’s going on, and get on it. Crime is up, we’re nearing another hurricane season, and trash still isn’t getting picked up. Lots to do.

I really liked this post from the da po’ blog. Says it nicely.

I also lost my Clerk of Court vote, but I probably shouldn’t have even voted in that one. I’m pretty ignorant.

The big Win was Shelley Midura beating Jay Batt. This was a V-A (vote-against), not a V-F. I voted for Midura the same way I voted for Blanco, and the same way I voted for Edwards back in the day: because her opponent was so objectionable. Batt is a fatcat, plain and simple, and he values commercial development over all else, especially neighborhoods. Not my guy. Voted for him last time because I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Scott Shea. I stand corrected. Do the right thing, Shelley.

I was also pleased to see Arnie Fielkow beat Jackie Clarkson for the city council at-large race. I don’t hate Clarkson like some of my friends do, but I think Fielkow is a genuine good guy with a good mind, and he clearly has good priorities, having martyred himself by daring to tell Benson that the Saints should stay in NOLA. Nice work, Arnie. Hope you can slap some sense into some of your colleagues there, and I think you and Oliver should be a nice team.

So the city ends up with a fairly diverse city council (glad to see AfAm James Carter win Dist. C, although I would’ve taken Kristin Palmer over either of our folks) and a Black mayor. I agree with the above link that this could send the message that NOLA isn’t closed to anyone.

Y’all come back now.