Mayoral Debate Featuring Chris Matthews!

Well, I’ve never been a fan of Chris Matthews, but I haven’t hated him as much as many of my blog fixes do. Now, I’m with them.

Last night, another mayoral debate was televised nationally and “moderated” by him and Norman Robinson. According to the T-P coverage (I didn’t watch because I can’t stomach those things most of the time), it was basically the Chris Matthews show focused on NOLA so that the national audience could have a little downward comparison.

Why would this thing be nationally televised anyway? Only because people think we’re a trainwreck and want to watch the flames. Well, fuck ’em. Matthews said numerous times that “everybody” thinks we’re crazy. I’m sick of people getting their rocks off in our city and then relishing its demise. When this city comes back better than ever, I hope we can ban the ungrateful turncoats from setting foot here again.

Plenty of fodder for debate in this race, and I’m narrowly favoring Landrieu, but these are both good people trying to do the best job they can. Under other circumstances, they’d be fine. Right now, we don’t need pricks like Matthews fanning the flames. And I’m pissed that Robinson jumped on the national bandwagon and went Hardball on the locals. C’mon, Norman, you’re better than that.

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