Good Times!

3 May 2006

“Feels so good, feeling good again.”
–Robert Earl Keen

That’s how it feels to have an incredibly successful JazzFest weekend under our belts, not to mention the drafting of Reggie Bush to the Saints.

First, Bush. Everyone knows he’s phenomenal, and the Texans seem to have given us a real gift by passing on him with the first pick. At first, I thought we shouldn’t take him because we have such a great (and cool) RB in Deuce McAlister. But after reading a bit more, it’s all good. Both are excited about working in the 2-back sets that they had in college. A lesser athlete than Deuce could see this as an insult, but instead he’s focused on how this will actually extend his career by protecting him from injuries. And word is that Bush isn’t an every-down back either, so it should be great. And so far, he and Brees seem to like and respect each other, so I’m pumped. In an article today, he said that he’s “no savior.” He’s right. But the fact that he knows that football isn’t the end-all is a refreshingly humble perspective. Welcome to the great city of New Orleans, Mr. Bush.

Oh, and please, NFL execs, can we have his jersey say “R. Bush” rather than just “Bush” so that it doesn’t have to look like a tribute to the prez?

Now, JazzFest. Great weekend. Windy weather on Saturday, muddy on Sunday, but otherwise fantastic. And the moods and crowds were outstanding. It was a big love fest. Although, as always, I loved everyone I saw pretty much, I was simply blown away by the set by Bruce Sprinsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band. I’d never seen the boss before, but I’ve always heard how great he is live. But then I thought that because I wouldn’t know many of the tunes, and he wasn’t with the E Street Band, he couldn’t be that great. But, oh, how I was wrong. This may have been the best set I’ve seen at JazzFest ever. Better than the Robert Randolph set, better than Karl Denson, better than Buddy Guy, better than Dylan or Dave Matthews. Just awesome. Started softly with his acoustic guitar, then the 20(!) piece band kicked in and music just washed over us. I was in ecstasy. Perfect mix of energetic and poignant. Great social commentary. And such respect for the city. Bruce is my new guy, and nobody better talk no shit about the Boss. Thanks for giving me such a memory, Mr. Springsteen.

So all is not great in the Big Easy these days, but there are things to feel good about, and I’m all that much more gratified to have come back to make it happen.

Once again, all praying people need to do what it takes to keep the momentum going.

Check out this shot of Bruce leaving the set: