Reparations for Brownie

2 March 2006

I was one of the most eager critics of Michael Brown in the wake of Katrina. Now, Brownie ain’t looking so bad after all. He’s still inept and unqualified for his former post, but we now have video to prove that Bush was the real source of all the failures that killed so many people. Of course, this stuff is always supposed to go to the prez (where the buck supposedly stops and all), but it just looked like Brown was the worst symbol of ineptitude. Well, I gotta say that lately Brown’s been looking alright. He clearly understood the magnitude of the situation. The problem was that his boss is a dumb fucking idiot who doesn’t care about anything but his friends and looking good to them. So he ignored what was going on, all the while saying he was fully prepared. Makes me sick that he can still be in office.

Brownie, sorry to have heaped so much criticism on you. Now write a book that gets your former boss impeached, please.