“Despite Clear Warnings”

I don’t think I’ve ever read a GAO report before, but this one was worth my time because it addresses federal investigations into the Katrina non-response. I don’t know if the GAO would comment on local or state officials, but I find it notable that there is no mention that I’ve seen here of how the “dysfunction” of Louisiana is to blame in this thing. I’m not a Blanco-loyalist (voted for her mainly because I can’t stand politicians who regard returning prayer in schools as a top priority, as Jindal did), but I don’t like seeing my people dissed by jokers who were supposed to be in control and have one job, which they ignored, to the peril of many great New Orleanians.

It’s a miracle the GAO could even put together a report with all of Chimp’s interference; now maybe they can take the next step and advocate removing him from office for dereliction of duty.


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