1 February 2006

I’ve just seen Terry Bradshaw on “the Best Damn Sports Show Period,” and I love the guy. This is someone who made the ProBowl easily, but he also offered to bail out my favorite city.

Now I’ll admit that Benson has won me over lately, but I don’t know if he means it. TB is the bomb though, and I’d love to give him my money for my season Saints tix.



“Despite Clear Warnings”

1 February 2006

I don’t think I’ve ever read a GAO report before, but this one was worth my time because it addresses federal investigations into the Katrina non-response. I don’t know if the GAO would comment on local or state officials, but I find it notable that there is no mention that I’ve seen here of how the “dysfunction” of Louisiana is to blame in this thing. I’m not a Blanco-loyalist (voted for her mainly because I can’t stand politicians who regard returning prayer in schools as a top priority, as Jindal did), but I don’t like seeing my people dissed by jokers who were supposed to be in control and have one job, which they ignored, to the peril of many great New Orleanians.

It’s a miracle the GAO could even put together a report with all of Chimp’s interference; now maybe they can take the next step and advocate removing him from office for dereliction of duty.


1 February 2006

This game Sunday is a big one. KU has a VERY young team, which has been inconsistent to say the least. But they’ve also shown extended flashes of brilliance and should continue to improve. If only everyone else would stay the same.

But we’re riding a 4-game winning streak, which would be 13 if we hadn’t lost 2 straight close conference matchups. This is a chance to show the country and the conference that we’re a real threat. We looked phenomenal against T-Tech and KY, and all our losses have been pretty close. But there are 6 of them. That’s too many.

So look for this game to be a statement of what we’re really capable of. I haven’t seen OU play this year, but I gather they’re a bit inconsistent as well.

The game’s Sunday @ noon, on CBS, but we’ll probably get preempted here for some SEC BS.

Rock Chalk.


1 February 2006

As much respect and appreciation as I have for MLK, I’ve been pretty ignorant of his wife, Coretta Scott King, who died two nights ago.

NPR has done a nice job covering her accomplishments though, so explore the links here.

Especially, listen to her speeches. She has a beautiful voice (I thought the same thing after hearing recordings of Rosa Parks after her death just a few months ago), which belie the sometimes ugly struggles within her family regarding MLK’s legacy. She comes across as someone just as strong, focused, and wise as her husband. I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less, but sometimes I do.

Where are the true civil rights leaders of today? The fight is much different, but it’s still important, and we need more people with the grace and dignity of the Kings and Parks to get things done, not self-important spotlight hogs like Jesse Jackson & Marc Morial.

Sorry I didn’t give you your due when you were alive, Coretta.

George Bush, David Vitter, & SOTU

1 February 2006

Vitter and I agree on almost no political issues. In fact, I probably referred to him as “Nazi” under my breath a time or two when he was running. It’s stupid to refer to someone who’s not a Nazi as a Nazi, whether it’s “FemiNazi” or “Vitter,” but I got sucked in. Anyway, the point is, I don’t agree with his beliefs.

But still, I think he deserves props for how he’s gone to bat for Louisiana after Katrina. He’s been an aggressive campaigner for aid and restoration. And last night, he actually expressed disappointment that Bush didn’t devote more of his speech to the Katrina Krisis, which may prompt Karl Rove to slash his tires or something. He stayed with the party line (“strong speech”), but didn’t do the good-Republican thing and praise every word. I appreciate and respect that, Mr. Vitter.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t watch the SOTU speech. I respect my TV too much to give Chimp that much time consuming my pixels. Still, I’ve seen him speak a lot, and I’ve never seen what I’d actually call a strong speech. Our standards are so low that if the guy achieves subject-verb agreement we think it’s the Gettysburg Address. So sad. Watch one of Clinton’s speeches, and you’ll see how far we’ve fallen. Most of the public calls it folksy charm; I call it bullshit and a shame that he’s the most powerful person in the world.

Sorry, world.