Well, I just turned in my tenure packet to the administration. This is my 10th year of tenure-track teaching (6 is usually enough), but I had to start over when I switched schools. Didn’t mind, because I came here intending to stay for the long haul, and I think I do the job well enough to warrant keeping me around. No guarantees, though, as we’ve had a tendency to deny tenure (and especially promotion) lately. But I’ve got to go for it, and I’m reasonably confident. As a mixed blessing, if I get it or not, I can attribute part of that outcome to Katrina (bitch). If I get it, I’ll wonder just a bit if they were worried about brain drain. If I don’t, though, I can claim that the storm did my job in, as it has so many already.

Probably wouldn’t have gotten it done yet (or at least not so nicely) if it hadn’t been for E and JR, who essentially kidnapped me to help. See, I’m guilty of something we call the planning fallacy, which is the tendency to anticipate the conclusion of the task, but not the process necessary to get there. That’s me. I thought that putting this thing together would be easy because I had my 3rd year review stuff pretty well organized, and knew where the most of the rest of it was. But, as usual, the devil’s in the details. We spent about 3 1/2 hours last night all working pretty feverishly, and I still spent another 2-3 hours today polishing and filling in a few gaps. Wonder what I missed. But thanks, E&JR, for killing a night that you didn’t have to spare just to make sure I actually had something to submit.

Now I wait. I’ll be interviewed sometime in the coming weeks, and I’ll probably get the word in April. Promotion notice will come later. I’m tired of waiting, but what are you gonna do?


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