Today is the day for us to recognize this great man and what he stood for. I always feel guilty for my lack of participation and tell myself it’s ok because I don’t do anything for President’s Day either.

But it’s not ok. King was better than pretty much any president we’ve had, and just because my job is to help African American students advance themselves doesn’t mean that’s always my motivation (or that I’d do it for free). So today I’m going to a vigil to show some support. And I’m going to continue to encourage my students to participate in activities to help the city come back. That could be action in the spirit of King.

I often wonder why we don’t have someone like him today. I know he wasn’t perfect, but let’s face it, Jesse Jackson is more interested in photo ops, and Al Sharpton has great ideas but can be a blowhard too. I suspect the current Kings are under the radar.

Someone like Malik Rahim could be the difference maker. And I’m biding my time til Barak Obama storms the white house. I’d personally volunteer to run secret service for that guy.


One Response to MLK Day

  1. Lance B says:

    It’s about time that someone like this finally runs for president. Cross your fingers for 2012.

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