In the Beginning…

Well, almost two years after I secured this site, the inspiration has boiled inside me long enough that I’m actually going to give it a shot. I realize no one will likely ever read it, but I want the chance to get some things down before I forget who I am and how I feel.

As I write this, my beloved New Orleans is about 4 1/2 months post-Katrina. My house was spared the worst, with roof damage leading to water damage, so we’re continuing to count our blessings. Plus, we both still have jobs, another blessing. But all is not well. The city still struggles to come back and is hampered by the lack of a model to return and disagreement over how to make it right. The 4-month moratorium makes no sense because it forces people to contact their neighbors or to hope they’ll all make it back. Completely implausible. Still, I’m in favor of the smaller footprint for the city as long as it will be just and people will be sufficiently compensated for the move. Big Ifs, but I’m usually unreasonably optimistic.

So that’s the current perspective. This isn’t a Katrina-blog, but certainly the time anchors the blog in the current situation.

Now, that’s a post. Let’s get on with it….


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